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My name is Mattias Josefsson. I offer leadership and business development. I challenge and support you – or your company – to ensure that you reach your goals, develop, and make critical and positive change. I take pride in your results and measure my success as your coach by the positive change that takes place in your life.

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I have worked as a business development manager, content manager, marketing manager, international relations manager, and CEO in the media industry. I have experience from large corporations, entrepreneurial companies, and international organizations and markets. I have a BA in Social Sciences from Stockholm University in Sweden, and I have participated in a large number of leadership and coaching courses. I am an ACC certified coach and have more than 15 years experience as a leader and coach.


”People are braver than they dare to be.”


I create my own path through my unique will and personality. All other options are destructive .


I will strive to learn new things throughout my life. I will always be curious and humble. I will always develop. I will never call myself senior.


Daring to work against fears and without prestige is more and more important to me. I to do things that I think are important and challenging. I am not be afraid to fail.


My company provides an international, innovative, personalized and independent player in leadership and business development. This is achieved through personal meetings , lectures, courses and books. Our offices are in Stockholm, Sweden and Asheville, North Carolina.

My customers and partners operate worldwide. My company engages in charitable causes and projects.



I work with leadership and business development. My clients deserve a free zone to step into on a a regular basis, where they have time to reflect, garner new energy, find courage and direction. From there, they take action and create positive change with others.


”Mattias is genuine in his coaching. He listens to details, helps you define the problems that need to be tackled, and shows you how to view them from different angles in order to effectively reach the core of your problem. He helped me figure out how to best solve different situations, giving me the energy and desire to grab the bull by the horns. Mattias also provided practical tips and techniques that would help me in my own development. He is a professional, and very pleasant and humorous. I heartily recommend Mattias as a coach.”

Malin Nilsson, Life Science Clinical Consultant & inventor. Entrepreneur.

”… During our meetings, I’m able to raise my concerns and discuss the things that I see as obstacles. Mattias helps me turn my doubts into assets. Furthermore, Mattias has more or less forced me to think about how I present myself, which has been a very good exercise for me! I can warmly recommend Mattias as a coach. I think he is incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but above all – interested! ”

Asa, Entrepreneur

”…Mattias helped me find my inner drive, rekindle my motivation, and set and meet my goals. Mattias is intelligent, sensitive, and inquisitive. He methodically helped me work through my entangled thought patterns to set clear goals and make choices, and my faith in my personal capabilities and myself were restored. Thank you!”

Anna Oberg, Key account manager

”Mattias made me realize that the biggest threat to my own success is myself. As soon as we start to believe in our ideas, so do our clients. ”

Cecilia, Entrepreneur

”… I wanted to try working with a coach because I’d never tried it before. Mattias has a great way about him. He is a good communicator and understands how to put himself into his clients’ situations … Mattias has, with his energy, helped me take a further step in my career. ”

HR Manager, Stockholm

”Mattias is a very good coach who gives that little extra. I had stalled completely and lacked ideas and guidance. After meeting with Mattias, I knew what I needed to do.”

Sakarias Pihl, Seller

”I remember my first meeting with Mattias Josefsson. I was very happy about the motivation he gave me, the response I got, and how he – in a nonthreatening manner-  made me feel the way I did. I can definitely imagine going back for more coaching with Mattias. The many laughs and deep discussions we had made the meetings even more powerful … Thanks for the great coaching!”

Marlene Naslund, Entrepreneur

”A sympathetic and skilled problem solver who focuses on thinking ”out of the box” and gets results. That is exactly what Mattias is. Thank you so much for your help, Mattias.”


”Mattias was very professional and instrumental in helping me figure out my next step…”

Xi Li, Marketing & Ad Ops Specialist

”Mattias, you were a good listener. You were a listener who dared to be quiet, which gave me time to reflect. You did not answer your own questions when I had difficulty expressing myself, you just asked the questions in a different way. You made me feel relaxed and confident, and you questioned the negative thoughts and ideas I had about myself. You made me look critically at my own inner dialogue.”

Pernilla Eriksson, Teacher